Thank you for your interest in Top Shelf. Below are answers to many of the questions that come up as we help clients book there events. If you have a question that is not listed, please feel free to ask for help. I have arranged each grouping by category,

General Business Questions:

Q: Do you carry General and Liquor Liability Insurance?

A: Yes we carry a 2 million dollar General liability and a 1 million dollar Liquor Liability Policy

Q: Do you staff events outside of Santa Barbara?

A: Yes, we cover events from Los Angeles up to SLO. We have even brought our entire team as far north as Hearst Castle.

Q: What types of events do you handle?

A: We staff the following types of events: private  estate dinners, bar and bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, weddings, corporate product releases, open houses, fundraisers, brand parties, remembrance of life celebrations,  Quinceañeras, and holiday parties.

Booking and Billing:

Q: How do I book my event with Top Shelf?

A: In order to reserve and book our services. You must approve of the estimate sent over, sign and return the contract with a deposit check for 50% of the total amount due. Events are not booked until we have back the contract and deposit.

Q: When is the final payment due?

A: Your final payment is due on the night of your event.

Q: Do you have a minimum amount of hours for staffing?

A: All events have a paid five hour minimum. This being said, we will work a party of shorter length. You will be billed for the minimum five hours.

Q: Can I give the staff a tip? If so how?

A: Our staff are always very grateful and appreciative of any and all tips. If you would like to tip ours staff,please feel free to add it to the final payment for the evening.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: If cancelled 30 or more days before the event date: 100% refund. If cancelled anytime within the last 30 days, your deposit will be not be refunded.

Q: How does payment work with your company?

A: We require a 50% deposit to reserve staff. The remaining balance is due the night of your event.

Q: When is the last time that I can change the hours for the staff?

A: We are willing to adjust staff hours of arrival and deparure up to 7 days prior to your event.

Portable Bar Rental Packages:

Q: What does the Rental Bar Package include?

A: All of our bar rental packages are quoted for 100 guests and  include the following: Delivery, set up, break down, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Tonic water, Soda water, napkins, straws, fruit caddy, napkin caddy, tubs to chill beer and wine, knife and cutting board, glass salt/sugar rimmer.

Q: How much is it if I rent a bar, but have more than 100 people?

A: We charge an additional $1 per person above 100 people.

Q: How many people can one bar serve?

A: We recommend one bar per 10o-130 people in attendance.

Q: Do you have bars that can be used as a pair?

A: Yes all of our bars except the Black Walnut, are made as a set of two.

Q: Do we  rent just the bar, with out a bartender?

A: Yes, we do. It is the same $350 package fee, accept that it will require a charge for pick up, delivery and break down

Q: Do the bar rentals come with  ice. garnishes or mixers?

A: No they do not include these items.

Q: Do you rent glassware?

A: No but we are happy to help you with a recommended number of glasses needed for your event.


Q: What are the bartenders duties and responsibilities?

A: Our bartenders are responsible for: setting up the bar, glassware, liquor, tools, back bar, ice, making beverages, cutting garnishes, monitoring guests for over consumption, maintaining a clean and professional work environment. Breaking down the bar, packaging up any left over bottles, glassware  and supplies.

Q: Can we request specialty cocktails?

A.: Yes. All of bartenders are quite versed in making delicious beverages and are more than happy to learn your beverage should you have something rare.

Q: Will the bartender make sure my guests do not over indulge?

A: Yes all of our bartenders are TIPS trained and will make sure to do their best to not over serve anyone. While these instances are rare, our bartenders will do there best to make sure to monitor your crowd for any possible " Uncle Larry's"  waiting to ruin your most special of events.  That being said, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.

Q: Can I place bottles on the tables for my guests to help themselves?

A: We have had this request a few times in the past and due to our insurance and the desire to see you have an amazing experience. We can not supply bartenders for events with self help alcohol. Our bartenders are fast and efficient and rarely have a line of people waiting.

Q: Do you recommend a Champagne toast?

A: This always turns into a lot of wasted money by our clients. At the end of the evening we pick up and throw out a majority of the champagne.

Q: What is your bartenders attire?

A: All of our bar staff wear all black: shoes, socks, belt, slacks, and long sleeve button up dress shirt. We are happy to wear something else if you supply it and it is approved by our management.

Q: Where does Top Shelf get their bartenders from?

A: Most of our bartenders have worked up to this position from with in out company.  If hired from the outside,  we require many years of experience, a phenomenal attitude and great letters of recommendation.

Q: Do the bartenders come with a bar kit?

A: No our bartenders are only responsible for a wine key and shaker strainer set up. Should your bar not have the necessary tools and items please consider our bar box kit for $25. It has everything needed.

Q: Do the bartenders drink while working?

A: NO. Anyone found drinking at an event is automatically terminated.  It is not our liquor so that is stealing and also drinking on the job.


Q: What is the attire for the service staff?

A: All of our bar staff wear all black: shoes, socks, belt, slacks, tie(at clients discretion) and long sleeve button up white or black dress shirt. We are happy to wear something else if you supply it and it is approved by our management.

Q: What can I expect the service staff to do?

A: Set up event: tables, chairs, utensils, glassware, buffets, deserts table. Tray pass appetizers and cocktails, table side wine and water service, buffet style service, table/seated service, and pot lucks. Busing all dirty plates, utensils, cups and clearing of dirty dishes, trash and linens. Repacking and preparing rentals for return. We are happy to wash dishes, carry boxes and basically anything needed to guarantee you a smooth and successful event.

Q: Do the servers come with a service tray?

A: No, but if one is needed we have them for $5 each.