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Top Shelf Beverage Service packages

We are proud to offer many different options for your beverage service needs. Below you will find pictures of our coffee station, self help beverage stations and our custom made portable bar packages. All of our bars are built right here with love in Santa Barbara, CA, by us. We have spent many years researching and constructing the perfect portable bar selection for your celebration. We have created many different types of bars for a variety of themed events. If we are staffing the event, there are no delivery or set up fees. If just renting the bar, the rental price does not include delivery, set up, or retrieval fee.

Portable Bar Packages

$350/ event

All of our bars are the same cost of $350 per bar per 100 guests. Each bar includes the bar itself, 4- beer and wine chill buckets, shaker, strainer, knife, cutting board, fruit and napkin caddy,  fruit muddler, and all necessary bar utensils.

Currently we carry the bars listed below.

Elite Tiki/Beach Bamboo Bar

It's not your typical beach bar. This beautiful handmade bamboo bar is one of a kind (actually there are 2). From the stunning bamboo to the amazing hand routed designs, this bar is the perfect fit for your beach themed event. It even has hand carved Easter Island statues for that finishing touch.

Live Edge Rustic Bar 1

Handcrafted from local Santa Barbara Acacia wood. The amazing  grain and colors of the wood make this bar an outstanding addition to any event. Rough enough to be rustic, beautiful enough to be elegant.

 Live Edge Rustic Bar 2

Rustic bar 2 is similar to Rustic Bar 1. It was made right here in Santa Barbara. It is made from local Santa Barbara Ash dd wood. It resembles the long boards surfing down at the beach.

White Wedding/Light Bar

The bar that lights up the night!  We call it our White Wedding/Light Bar because it begins the event as a white and silver acrylic bar. When night time comes, we flip the switch and light up the night in any color of your desire. Below is one of our bars in red.







Black Walnut Beauty

This is our first original bar made from beautiful grained black walnut. It's a great fit for the most affluent of celebrations. It has hand carved black walnut corbels that really set this bar apart.

Top Shelf Glassware

In our never ending search for the more budget friendly event, we decided to take on glassware rentals. We are proud to offer the following glasses for $.70 cents per glass. That is on average $.25 cents less per glass than any rental company in town. These are the typical types of glasses actually used at most events.

water16 oz Water

          champagne  6 oz Champagne

wine 10 oz Wine

rocks           12 oz Rocks

Top Shelf Coffee Stations

All Top Shelf coffee stations include: Coffee brewer(s), Organic Regular and Decaffeinated coffee*, cream, sugar,  stir sticks, paper cups, and a 6 foot table.

       $1.50 per guest*

  Single 100 cup set up   2 40 cup tall brewers   short 40 brewers

Top Shelf  Self Serve Beverage Stations

All of our beverage service stations include: 2 decanters, 2 stands, 2 ice scoops, napkins, ice, ice bucket,  plastic cups, 6 foot table and your choice of 2 of the following beverages: Spa water(cucumber mint or citrus), Organic Lemonade or Iced Tea.

$1.50 per guest*

   Blue water station   tall bottle station   wirebassstation

*100 guest minimum