Private Estate Services

Thank you for your interest in Top Shelf for your private estate services. This is where and why  I first started Top Shelf. I was bartending in a very nice high end restaurant when a couple came in for drinks and dinner. I hit it off with them, and she asked if I would care to work for them at their beautiful home in Montecito. I happily obliged, and nearly 12 years later, we have had the pleasure of working in most of the amazing properties in the region.

I have had success in this arena because of two things: our company is trusted and referred by many of the most affluent residences in the area, and secondly, because we understand discretion and the value of your privacy.

We only bring staff that have been with our company for over 3 years and have shown a track record for their ability to work in this environment and be 100% trustworthy.

Most of our private residence events ask us to prep food (if needed),  tray pass cocktails and  appetizers, bartend, serve dinner, wine service, dessert and coffee service and help with clean up and break down. We understand that these are not typical events and require more  attentiveness and discretion than most events.

If you need help to allow you to enjoy your party instead of running it, please contact us; we are here, able, and happy to help.

The following is a breakdown of our service charges for all private estate events. As with all of our bookings there is a 5 hour minimum for all staff.

Bartenders are $50 per hour plus a 20% gratuity.

Servers are $40 per hour plus a 20% gratuity.


*Due to the nature and requirements of these type of events, our cost per hour is a bit higher than quoted on the Service Staff page. This is because we can only bring a select group of our staff to your event.