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After 15 years and over 2,000 events in the Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez regions. There is one thing that I have learned. I am only one person and I can not create amazing events on my own. When it comes to making your event a success, it truly depends upon the ability and just as important the attitude of the people who are there to create your amazing night. Top Shelf’s crew truly love working special events and it shows. Our current staff members have been with Top Shelf for an average of 7 years. Many have been with us for over 10 years. With this limited amount of turn over I have been able to build an amazing team of event specialists that all understand what it takes to make your event a huge success. I call them ” Event Service Specialist” because they are just that. There is a drastic difference between your typical restaurant bartender and food server and a special event bartender and food server. Our staff has the ability to build an entire event from a bare field to fabulous in less than 3 hours. Our crew knows how to build out the ” scullery area”/back side of your event so that the cleanup and break down of your event are a smooth and streamlined experience. Every event we service is different with different variables, desires and expectations. Our crew has had the pleasure of creating amazing events in/at: wineries, warehouses, parks, beaches, mountain tops, mega-estates, backyards, greenhouses, rustic barns, photography lofts, bare fields, historic buildings, and many more. We supply buffet, family and plated meal service. All of this training has created a team of people who know how to adapt to and fix almost any issue or hiccup that might threaten your events success. Our staff is there to exceed your expectations.

Top Shelf Services

Event Captain
Perfect option for the DIY bride and bride who has the food but no service. Our event captain is at your event to manage all aspects pertaining to food service for your event.  I created this spot to make sure that DIY brides on a smaller budget had someone onsite that would make sure the event went smoothly. They are there at your event to:  
  • Meet with your rental company and  confirm receipt of order
  • Work with them to get your tables and chairs laid out per your designed layout
  • Manage our servers and bartenders(should you choose Top Shelf beverage catering services)
  • Set up the remainder of your event’s rentals, tables, buffets, trash, scullery location,
  • Traying and passing of appetizers
  • Make sure food is delivered and maintain food at safe temperatures until service time
  • Pour wine and water tableside
  • Clear dirty dishes, scrape and re-rack rentals
  • Cut cake if needed
  • Set up coffee station
  • Clear linens, centerpieces, and flowers
  • Take out trash and
  • Do the final venue walk through to obtain clearance for condition it is left in.
  • The captain is not responsible for: vendor to vendor management, ceremony services, timeline creation( we are happy to help you if you need pointers).
  • Top Shelf requires an Event Captain when there are more than 3 servers hired for your event.
Top Shelf bartenders are responsible for your events beverage service success. Our bartenders are TIPS certified and fully insured. Which means they currently carry all needed ABC requirements to bartend at your event. Our bartenders will arrive at your event with a freshly ironed black dress shirt and black slacks. When you choose to go with Top Shelf for your beverage services, we will help you with custom drink menus, recommended amounts of alcohol to purchase and your best options for your specific situation. Top Shelf bartenders are at your event to:
  • Set up the bar
  • Set up Glassware
  • Chill beer, wine and champagne
  • Set up trash
  • Cut garnishes
  • Prepare mixers
  • Make cocktails, serve beer and wine
  • Monitor guests for over consumption
  • Ask for ID from anyone who appears under the age of 30-Sorry no ID no service
  • Pour wine table side when possible and desired
  • Package up your left over products
  • Re-rack glassware
  • Throw away trash
  • Check out with venue monitor
  • Bartenders reserve the right: to deny service to anyone
Food and Cocktail Server
Top Shelf servers are the cog that makes your event flow. Our servers are all Foodserve Safe certified and insured. Our servers will arrive at your event with a freshly ironed black dress shirt, black slacks, black full length apron, black shoes and a black tie(upon request). Our servers are at your event to:
  • Set out linens
  • Place all table settings and glassware as instructed by you or your coordinator
  • Fold napkins
  • Build out scullery area for clean up and break down
  • Tray pass appetizers and cocktails
  • Serve dinner buffet, family or plated style
  • Serve cake, build out dessert buffet
  • Set up water and coffee stations
  • Pour water and wine table side if desired
  • Clear dirty plates, utensils, and glassware
  • Scrape, rer-ack and prepare rentals for return
  • Take our trash
  • Sweep up broken glasses
  • Mop up messes
  • Wipe counters
  • Servers are not responsible for setting up of tables and chairs(unless pre-disclosed), moving furniture or heavy objects, driving guests vehicles, washing rentals(unless pre-disclosed), working in any environment that is dangerous due to terrain and pour lighting.

There is a reason why Jude and his team come HIGHLY recommended from all those who work in the wedding industry in Santa Barbara - they are top notch and the best in their industry! Jude and his team completely exceeded our expectations.

Kimberly and Mike

It's very clear he knows what he's doing and can definitely be trusted with your wedding. We had a number of different vendors and he did a wonderful job of making the night run smoothly!

Jude is amazing. We hired him to be our wedding coordinator and it was the best decision we could have made. It was like having a second maid of honor.

We specialize in event success

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