Top Shelf Event Service Staff

Top Shelf is proud to be the areas only staffing agency that sends out a team of professionals, not just bartenders and servers. Our crew has been working together for over 10 years on average. Over this time we have built a well oiled event production crew that are well versed on what it takes to make your event a huge success. Our crew knows how an event should flow and work together to make sure no detail is missed. Whether you are in need of a solo bartender for a private estate event, or 40 food servers for your 500 guests wedding reception we are here to help. Below you will find information on the service positions we specialize in. All of our service staff members wear: a freshly ironed black or white long sleeve business dress shirt, black slacks, black socks, black shoes, black full length bistro apron and a black tie(upon request and food servers only).   If you do not see the event assistance you are in need of please do not hesitate to contact us directly.  If we can't help we are happy to point you in the right direction.

Event Captain- $55 per hour

Event Captains are required when your event requires more than 3 servers. Captains are responsible for:

  • Working directly with you, your caterer and our service staff.
  • Manage the set up, service and break down of the entire event.
  • Handle all behind the scenes details pertaining to the food and beverage service (if Top Shelf is hired for beverage service).
  • Maintain your event based upon your desires and timelines.
  • This is the person you are looking for if you are planning and coordinating your own event.
  • The Event Captain is basically the same as the day of coordinator minus the ceremony and vendor management.

Bartender-$40 per hour


Our bartenders are all professionally trained and TIPS certified. They are polite, well groomed, professional and always happy to mix up the next tasty cocktail for you and your guests. Our bartenders are responsible for the following duties at your event:

  • Bar and glassware set up
  • Chilling of beer and wine
  • Cutting all garnishes
  • Preparing the bar for service
  • Serving your guests in a rapid and courteous manner
  • Maintaining a clear bar area
  • Throwing away of trash in designated receptacles
  • Packaging up your left over alcohol or setting up a self help bar should you want the party to continue after the bartender departs
  • Re-racking all remaining glassware
  • When through they will confirm with you that the job is done and the grounds are left to your expectations

Food and Cocktail Servers-$35 per hour


Our food and cocktail servers are all well trained and seasoned at putting together amazing events. Our servers are Food Serve safe Certified. All of our wonderful service staff are happy to assist in anyway possible to see your event is a success. Our servers are responsible for the following duties at your event:

  • Setting up your event from tables to center piece
  • Setting up any other tables such as buffet, gift, dessert, coffee station etc
  • Tray passing cocktails and appetizers
  • Help with simple food prep and plating of meals
  • Serve your guests either buffet, family, French or plated style meals
  • Set up any self serve beverage and coffee service stations
  • Pour water and wine table side when time permits
  • Clear plates, trash, glassware, flatware and replace into the rental racks
  • Bagging up of all linens and  napkins
  • Wrapping up of left overs as directed
  • Assisting with carrying your items to the designated vehicle/location
  • Removal of all trash as directed


****  We have a 5 hour minimum for all staffed events. In order to simplify the process a  20% gratuity is included in our event service totals, so that you do not have to worry about how much to tip. Due to the raise in California's minimum wage and the cost of living in Santa Barbara, CA., we have had to raise our rates from last years. This is the first raise in our service price ever.   ******