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Just because you are on a budget does not mean you do not deserve that immaculate dinner table that takes your breath away. After helping with over 500 weddings and nearly a total of 1,000 total events, we decided to create an all inclusive table setting. Our table setting is $6.00 per person in attendance and includes delivery(if you choose to have Top Shelf staff your event, there is no delivery or pick up fee).

1- Water Glasswater

1- Champagne Glass champagne


1- Wine GlassĀ  wine

1- Salad Forksalad-fork


1- Dinner Fork dinner-fork

1- Butter Knifebutter-knife

1- Spoonspoon

Gold Dinner Fork

Gold Knife

1-9.75" Ceramic dinner plate plate


1-6.5" Bread and Butter/Dessert Plate


1- Napkin- you choose color: white, black, silver, or ivory. Other napkins available upon request.

beige black-napkin white-napkin silver-napkin


That works out to $.70 cents per item. Price these items separately at any other company and you are at $9-$15 per. Once again we have done this to make it an affordable option to make your event sparkle.


Also available now from Top Shelf Event Rentals:

Stand up Patio Heaters includes propane tank:

Our Price: $85 including tank. White or Black Velon wrap additional $15


9 Foot Market Umbrella With Base- $45 includes base